Noah Schutz grew up in Southern California surfing, building classic cars and bikes, and getting tattooed. Six years in the Marine Corps, including one in special ops, gave Noah the tactical skills and drive that led him to own three tattoo shops and a nightclub by the age of 25. This success allowed Noah to pursue his love of art through multiple avenues, including tattooing. After the birth of his daughter Engelique, Noah rediscovered his love for photography while snapping pictures of her on his antique Rolliflex. Noah returned to southern California to bring her up, and returned to school to pursue his love of photography, graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography with a BFA and immersing himself in the industry. Noah’s unique background, skills, intense work-ethic, and an anamorphic ability to see composition, light, shadow, and texture, define his artistic vision, and the images he captures. Noah currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.


Discovery Channel, Fox, Amazon Studios, TLC, Velocity Channel, Gatorade, Pinnacle Vodka, Kohl’s, Vans, Tony Hawk, JVC, Art Machine, SKG Creative Agency, Mount Airy Casino, Falcon Motorcycles, Espinoza’s Custom Leather, Hot Rod Alley, War Torn, Chop Shop. DicE Magazine, H Magazine, Metropolis Nights Magazine

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